Advanced Software
      Consultants (P) Ltd.

About Us
ASCON   is a private limited company, which provides solution, services and maintainence in software domain.Located in Kolkata, India we have fully-employed professionals with skill-sets ranging from web designing to animation and software development.
Advanced Software Consultants (P) Limited, was established in 1995 as a software consultancy oraganization. The organization provides quality services in software development sectors.
Why we're Special
It is generally accepted that the result is the ultimate criteria of a successful project. But, we believe, that the way of operation to reach there is not less important. We, therefore, always value the likes/dislikes of the end-users. ASCON interacts with all key personal, involved in the project, to determine the current and ultimately final desired business process.The information gathered is reviewed to ensure that both parties have established a complete understanding of the system to meet the ultimate goal.

Date 28.02.2012
1. Web site development at lowest rate in shortest period of time.
2. Portal Development.